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Make Fitness Your Business….this was NEVER in MY plans….

Eight years ago I became a mom.  Going back to work made me so anxious.  I was afraid I’d be mission out on all my babies firsts.  First steps, first words, first potty….But there was no way I could be a stay at home mom.  We just didn’t make enough money.  We thought we had a plan for me to go back part time with grandparents watching, but that fell through. I really dreaded going back to my 9-5 job….I was miserable there to say the least…but God had other plans.

One night, I was nursing about 3 am, and Insanity came on the tv, you know, one of those infomercials.  I had already knew I was about 40 pounds overweight.  This would be the solution to lose the baby weight, all from home, no sitters needed, and no equipment. My mom got it for me for my birthday (November 7) and I started it, during the HARDEST time of year.  I completed the ENTIRE 60 days to a T, and lose about 20 lbs.  Then I got P90X and lost the remaining baby weight (and shoot, even saw some crazy muscle definition!) And the rest is history.

My coach shared with me the coaching opportunity, and honestly, being a new mom, an introvert with social anxiety, working a business was the last thing on my list.  But I signed up anyway because 25% off sure sounded nice for my Shakeology.  I had actually planned on quitting after 30 days (even stocked up on my shake-o!) But something happened….I fell in love…fell in love with the community, the positivity, something I never had growing up and being part of different teams.  This was different.  I met incredible empowering women.  I thought, you know what, maybe I can do this!  So I reached out and asked my coach to show me the ropes.  Here I am, 8 years later, with the most amazing women on the planet, meeting my team members for the first time (who I met on social media btw) and becoming besties for life.

THIS is what it’s about.  THIS, women empowerment, positive, encouragement, motivation.  TRUE FRIENDS.  If I never accepted this opportunity, if I never stepped out of my comfort zone and took a leap of faith, I never would have met this incredible ladies who are now my truest, best friends in the world.  And no more 9-5. God is amazing.

I am now home with my girls, I NEVER went back to work, I’m in the best shape of my life, the healthiest I’ve ever been, making MORE than I did at my office job, and I want to share this with YOU!


The one MAIN question I get asked when I share about this business, what is it that you do exactly?

Each month I do a little coach info session to share what I do personally, taking you into my home and showing you the ins and outs of what I do.  I know we’re busy, and I know we all don’t have a lot of time for a 3-day  session, so I’ve put together a little 10 minute video that will help to explain everything in a nutshell.  (But you’re also welcome to join our FB coach info group too! HERE)

I can’t wait to share with you and how it’s changed my life! Check out this short 10 minute video.


Click below if you’re ready to be part of our

incredible family!


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