My 75 Hard Journey

What is 75 Hard?  Most people think it’s a fitness challenge.  It is by no means a fitness challenge.  75 Hard is a transformative mental toughness program. If you’re looking for a new fitness program or challenge, this is not it.  This is a program that can change your life … starting from the inside.  Are there physical changes? Yes! But trust me when I say the physical changes you see on the outside are a FRACTION of the results you can earn by completing 75 HARD.  As you read & learn about the program below, keep that in mind.  This is not your next “internet challenge”… THINK OF THIS AS AN IRONMAN FOR YOUR BRAIN.

This is my journey.  This is what happened to me when I started and completed this program.  Every single person is different.  Some people start over once.  Some people start over 100 times.  This program will change your life from the inside, if you do it right.  These are my results:
750 pages
150 workouts
No alcohol
No cheat meals
No junk food
9750 ounces of water
14 lbs down
And a tan
In April I first heard of #75Hard. At first I thought it was a fitness program.
Yet after diving in deeper by listening to the podcast and reading the book, it appealed to me that this challenge was more mental rather than another 90-day physical program that ultimately lets people down.
Yes, there are physical requirements and yes, done properly you will almost certainly see improvements to your physique.
Yet unlike a diet or a workout plan, if you miss a day, #75Hard doesn’t let you pick up where you left off.
Back to the beginning you go.
It’s a mental challenge because you need to push on, completing each requirement every single day regardless of how you feel.
Even if you can barely keep your eyes open late at night, those 10 pages need reading.
Those workouts need finishing.
That gallon of water needs to go down.
There were times I had to wake up at 4am to go for a walk or run because I knew my schedule wouldn’t allow for two workouts later in the day.
Why a mental challenge appealed to me?
I had already added homeschool to my plate…
And I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to help launch a new company…
I’ve been at a plateau for 3 years and I knew something had to change… but was a little nervous to do this alone…
The accountability was incredible, never thought I could do what I have done for 75-days straight. I had 5 girls start this with me. A few of us had to restart. A few of us couldn’t make it. But we all cheered each other on.
And now, here I am!
On day 75!
The last day of this amazing program.
My goal when I first started was to see how this changed me mentally.
Thx to everyone who pushed me and cheered me on, for my man making sure I had enough water in the house, for the girls who did this with me and helped keep me accountable, and my team for introducing this to me!

I spent years feeling like I was nothing …

Floating through the days with no game plan, and no results …
Letting myself go mentally, and physically …
Trying program after program to get back on track … only to fall off right after I completed it.
I knew I wasn’t the only one going through this …
I knew there are people just like me going through the same struggles.
I realized that the root cause of all of my problems was not addressed by any existing program.

Because the REAL PROBLEM I had was a lack of mental toughness & discipline.

Ready to start 75 Hard?  Let’s GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!