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5 Fitness Tips

To Help You Get Back Into A Workout Routine

It can be hard to get back into a routine, especially if you’ve been sick.  Maybe you just fell off of the workout train, and that’s ok too.  Or maybe life just got in the way.  What’s important is that we get back on it, the right way.  Here are my 5 fitness tips to help you get back into your routine.

1) Start out SLOW…

Whether you’ve been sick or had to take a hiatus from your workouts for a period of time for whatever reason, whether it be days or weeks, when you start back up, be sure to start lower intensity, lighter weights, and lower impact. Your body isn’t exactly where it was a week ago, a month ago 3 months ago, and you want to avoid injury.

2) Do a workout you ENJOY…

When you hear the words “exercise” or “workout,” and it’s not something you’re used to doing, it might not sound very exciting. In fact, it may even sound like a chore. As you determine what type of exercise routine you want to get down, find something that you enjoy doing, and make it fun, not a dreaded chore. If you like to dance, do a dance workout. If you like to lift weights, lift some HEAVY weights. If you like martial arts, do something along those lines. Make it FUN for you, and allow it to give you something to look forward to during the day.

3) Carve out the time for your workout….

It’s all about making time. You don’t need a lot of time to work out at all, only really 30 minutes a day. That’s what doctors recommend as well, to get the blood moving and the heart pumping.

Are you a morning person? Get up 30 minutes earlier before work and get that workout in. My goal is to get up an hour earlier than usual to get my workout in. That’s my usual routine.

If you prefer workouts at night, then just go to bed 30-60 minutes later.

And if your kids are all at school, or you have a lunch break at work, go do a mid-day workout.

Whatever works with your schedule is what you should do.

4) Tell people about your desire to get fit and healthy.

This not only helps with accountability, but if you’re a mom, maybe your husband will help watch the kids for you for an hour or so while you have that me time to do your workout. Perhaps your husband will workout with you, or maybe you have some friends who want to hop on board with you for that extra support.

5) Hydration and proper eating.

This is the most overlooked yet most important part of any journey or routine. You MUST be drinking enough water (1/2 your body weight in ounces) and you MUST be eating the right foods and portions. That means no more processed or fast food, more fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and less sugar. Making a plan each week for your food is what will help you nail this part of your journey.

We go over all of these in my groups as well, so if you need that extra support and accountability, I am always here to help work with you one on one and guide you into the direction of your goals. Your goals are my goals

Cortney Weiss

Cortney Weiss

Hi!! My name is Cortney Weiss, I am a mom of 2 girls, 3 years apart, and with the same birthdays!! I've been married to my loving, godly husband for over 6 years, and I love health and fitness. I raise monarch butterflies year round which the girls love, and we all learn a lot from their life cycle, the good and the bad. It is my passion to help busy mommies become healthier and fit, work one-on-one with like-minded individuals, and help them to succeed in their health and fitness goals. I look forward to learning more about YOU and helping YOU to live a happier, healthier, fitter life. :)