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6 Common Monarch Diseases

Posted on 25. May, 2015.


Raising Healthy Monarch Butterflies The 6 Common Monarch Diseases Raising healthy monarchs is no picnic, and in fact, may be quite difficult until you really get it down.  It took me LOTS of trial and error when raising these beauties for the first time.  I didn’t have any guidance, learned everything on my own, did […]

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The “Monarch Transformation,” Continued

Posted on 22. May, 2015.


  The “Monarch Transformation,” Continued… You’ve seen all my butterflies, and I bet you wonder, “Why does she do this?  What’s with all these butterflies?”  But, do you know what they are?  Do you know what they represent?  They represent YOU.  They are YOUR FUTURE.  Every butterfly that emerges from it’s chrysalis is another life […]

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The Step-By-Step Guide To Raising Monarch Butterflies

Posted on 11. May, 2015.


Raising Monarch Butterflies First thing’s first:  You will need a milkweed plant. This is the butterfly host plant where the females will lay their eggs underneath the leaves. Very important–make sure your plant is ORGANIC (so always check if purchasing from a nursery that it’s pesticide free). If your plant is NOT pesticide free, all […]

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What is the “Monarch” Transformation?

Posted on 18. Mar, 2015.


What is the “Monarch Transformation?” How the Transformation of a Monarch Butterfly Relates to Us. What is the “Monarch Transformation?”  Much like us actually, in a sense that they are on a journey just like we are, a journey in becoming a new creation, how to live their life in the healthiest, safest, manner, and […]

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